Mixed Martial Arts - The Octagon
After two weeks of intensive training, fight day has finally arrived for Todd Sampson and he gets a first look at the Octagon fight cage.
Mixed Martial Arts - The End Fight
Todd Sampson attempts to survive one round with a professional MMA fighter, but he gets more than he bargained for.
Sherpa - The Final summit
Todd Sampson and his suffering crew push hard to reach the summit.
Australia: The Story of Us - Kokoda excerpt
The Australians are the last line of defence between Japan and Australia in PNG. The 2/1st Battalion attempt to encircle the Japanese defences to take them by surprise.
Australia: The Story of Us - Charles Kingsford Smith
Charles Kingsford Smith is attempting to cross the world’s largest ocean. But he's flying blind, off course and in a storm that threatens to tear the plane apart.
Australia: The Story of Us - AE2 Submarine
Hours before the assault on Gallipoli, Aussie submarine AE2 embarks on a near-suicide mission in the Dardanelles, one of the most heavily fortified shipping channels in the world.
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