April's dad's dick!
Detective Stokes recounts a traumatic weekend getaway with his girlfriend's family. Warning - Adult content
Thermos Flask
Lachie reveals his dirty secret to detective Stokes and Hendy who are horrified and impressed. Warning - Adult content
Whose going to notice we're missing?
As a kidnap victim, the first thing one would think of.....'whose going to notice us missing?
Mixed Martial Arts - The Octagon
After two weeks of intensive training, fight day has finally arrived for Todd Sampson and he gets a first look at the Octagon fight cage.
Mixed Martial Arts - The End Fight
Todd Sampson attempts to survive one round with a professional MMA fighter, but he gets more than he bargained for.
Sherpa - The Final summit
Todd Sampson and his suffering crew push hard to reach the summit.
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